Why ‘cliquesandmanias’?

Hello guys, we’re Cleo and Ryan. So this blog is all about cliques. Basically, we made this blog since it is required on our Computer Science subject. We will post our outputs here in this blog whenever we have activities to be done, and also we post random topics, but more on cliques. So to those who cannot understand the word CLIQUE, it means “groups”. Moreover, the “clique” that we mean is not just a group, but specifically this blog is more on BOY BANDS. Boy bands, right? And these so-called BOY BAND is uhm… well let me tell you, there’s a K-Pop group, some British-Irish boy band, and so on, right? Well, cliquesandmanias blog is all about the updates and information about the K-Pop bonana and British x Irish bonana. But don’t you worry guys (to those who don’t have knowledge about boy bands), we’ll gonna post some random topics so that you will not get bored staring ONE DIRECTION and SuJu photos.

tumblr_mqi2eaMOtf1r1mrcso1_500 tumblr_mqi2nqJV941rrgjbfo1_500

[p.s: We’re fanboy-ing and fangirling 1D and SuJu so to those viewers who were also fangirls/fanboys, well, take your time in viewing our blog! :) ]

And BTW, here’s our Twitter account if you want more updates with 1d and SuJu

❁ cleo ❁

❁ ryan ❁


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