Dads with convivial attitudes can only be counted around the world. Got what I mean? Literally, most of the fathers in this generation has no virtue to their family, specifically, his wife and his offspring/s. I don’t know why other dads could be so scamp to their families, but I think one of the factors that led to this kind of situation is that the influence of peers.

Okay so right now I’m gonna tell you my best moments with my dad. My father is such a compassionate, deferent, … I think he’s like a package box; those good attitudes that every child in this world wants is what am I describing to my father right now. My dad is the man who can help you how to cope up with our problems, the man who can cracks up jokes not just in front of you, yet he can make the whole family laugh. He is the man who wakes you up in the morning and greet you “Good Morning, Nak” with a warm hug.

Whenever we’re nature tripping (Yes, my dad is a nature lover.), He always told us that this trip is not just for fun, yet those nature trips that we’ve gone has a purpose— to appreciate the beauty of nature. See? That’s my dad. Nature lover.

Another best moment is that when we’re joining fests, specifically bay fests. Dad doesn’t like to go through the fest all by himself, or with mom, but he wanted us to go to these kind of jamming since according to him, bay fests for him is sorted as “Family Day”. Whenever the Jamaican-genre artists hit the stage with those neon party lights swaying  back and forth across the arena, Dad told us that “Sayaw namo didto nak, pero ayaw lang jud ug pangaway didto.” [I know it’s too corny to analyze]

One of the best memories that I had together with my dad (when I was young) is that whenever we’re attending parties (specifically birthday parties and house blessings). My dad always told me that I must not be ashamed to expose my talents to everyone, like to select some songs in the videoke to sing, to choose some jive music to dance, and sometimes, to play your favorite instrument in front of your relatives. The reason why I am so sociable is all because of my father. He always convinced me to show my true attitude and talent to everyone. Whenever I disagree him, he walks away and avoids my attention to him. Few years later, I already learned a lesson that in order to gain friends or more sociable, I must be expose to social world as my father told me so.

These are the best memories/moments that I had with my father (since childhood), since I can’t remember some events anymore. We had a lot of unforgettable bonding to share to you. Well indeed, I feel so happy that even if my father is a busy man, he’s still have time to have a bonding to his family.

I think I’m the luckiest daughter in the world.

So Dad, you know what, I’m so 100% blessed that God gave me to you. The dad who can love you even though you’re a bipolar or in short, he’s the dad who will love you for who you are. Dad, there are only 6 simple words that I could ever say, THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU (to the moon and back).

With love,



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