Zayn’s “Cartooned Perrie” tattoo

Ok. So  right now, I’m going to tell you guys a new update about 1D. Well, i’m a little bit ahead form this update, since i’m focusing on my studies for past few days. But right now, to those who didn’t know about this issue, im going to tell you now what’s going on in 1D world.

But since this is not a “LATEST” update anymore, but I’m going to share you my reaction about this one.

omg omg

Well my first reaction about this photo is confused (or shall I say my feelings were ‘IM GONNA CRY IM SO JEALOUS HUHU’ or ‘IM SO HAPPY FOR PERRIE BECAUSE ZAYN REALLY LOVES HER OMG’) like that.

But actually, I’m so happy for Zayn because he is not afraid to confess his love to Perrie. Look at this pic, especially the tattoo, its not just a small tattoo, yet the “cartooned Perrie” tattoo is larger that the ZAP tattoo.

But most of Zayn girls are quite jealous, some are felt hopeless (hahahaha) and some are happy. But as a Zayn girl (yes, i’m a Zayn girl and also a Niall girl), i’m half-jealous half-happy for this issue. We already know that we need someone to love us ’til the end right? Just look at Zayn (directly on the pic above) observe his face expression. He’s not lonely, he’s not mad, yet he’s just his own self on that photo. But well then, we’ll just accept the fact that ZAYN FREAKING MALIK loves Perrie Edwards, so as she.  Respect Zerrie everyone, for they didn’t even disturbing our lives.

(Zerrie Shippers here?)



San Juan Day

pwede man siguro ko mag bisaya no???


okey istory naku ang nahitabo katong unforgettable na pangyayari katong MONDAY…


Una nangita mi og multicab para makauli nami og kay magpalit pa mi nila charlie og jade og ballpen  sa kristan kay wala na miy tarung na ballpen…


Nakasakay na mi og multicab…. nagguot mi… igang kaau kay sarado ang bintana sa multicab para pangshield sa mga tokwang tigpanglabay og bato…


“inita oiiiii” ingun nku… silip kadali sa bintana.. kay wa pa man miy nakit-an na nagapanglabay og tubig giabrihan sa nmu ang bintana kay perte na jud iganga tpus gisirad-an na nmu kay hapit nami sa puting bato


naabot na ang multicab sa puting bato…. daghan kaau mga pangit nagtapok pero wala silay tubig siguro nahurot na …..



pag-abot namu unhan sa puting bato feeling safe naa kaau mi kay abi nmu walay gapanglabay sadihang naay lalake na nanglabay og “ice” water nad ohhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooo nabasa mi tulo nila christelle og abegail and ohhhhhhh pasalamat gamay kay bugnaw pero nabasa akong likod….


pag abot namu sa silway brige naay nanglabay badjao sa amo og tubig canal lagoot kaau baho kaau tanan mi nagyawyaw tpus mao nato tpus naa pod mi nalata na bata naghilak sya tapad sa iyang mama… whahahahaha ako ang gipasanginlan na nagpahilak ato kay nagdotdot daw ko didto dapit..


pagkaunahan na sa silway didto na ang CLIMAX…  naay duha ka lalake bato??? na naay dala balde og kabo… “limpyo na kuya???” pangutana ni shaira “OO nawasa man ni”   tpus gilabay dayun sa amo ang tubig… sa akong pagpanic wala naku kabalo kung asa ko mupwesto… nipuwesto ko sa tunga sa multicab kag naratol… “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” tapus nabasa akong likod daw ako gneh ang nakasalo ato tanan.. as in basa jud kaau ko mura naku og naligo..



tas naa napud isa pa ka kabo tpus ako lang jpon ang pinakadaghan og nasalo.. oh yeah nabasa akong pantalon og t-shirt og gamay sa bag…


as in naligo najud ko.. pagkaabot namu sa pioneer kay nangayo ko og alcohol kay pipa kag giligo kini hahahahaahahaha..



tpus nagbaktas mi nila charlie, jade, og kevin paadto ogb kristana run magpalit og ballpen… tpus akward kaau kay basa kaau ko… may na lang nakaputi ko og t-shirt.. katong t-shirt gud sa yes-o katong gihatag sa SMI..


tpus nagpalit nami og ballpen tpus nag uli na dayun mi sa among kabalayan..



tpus mao nato pag-abot naku sa balay naligo na dyun ko… wahahahahahahaha BEST experience for this year unta naa pay mas best pa anan kannag dli jud naku malimtan..


HIHIHIHI sorry kung taas kaau siya pagpasensiyan niyo lang


~~~THE END~~~


One Direction.

So hi guys. Cleo here. WELL LET ME EXPLAIN MY THOUGHT ABOUT THE PHOTOS BELOW RIGHT NOW, I, CLEO, AM READY TO SMASH OUR PC’S LCD MONITOR. [insert fangirl language here] So that’s it. I don’t want any sermons right now, since I’m already posting these oh-so-hot photos of One Direction. 🙂


[insert fangirl language here] So first of all, I wanna introduce to you, Zayn Jawaad Malik. OMG. I know he’s hot (neh). So, he is the Bradford bad boy who is actually, a vain, shy, yet an attractive Muslim hottie.

He has attractive hazelnut eyes, aquiline nose, perfect cheekbones (heh), kissable lips (ohh), and of course, HIS KILLER SMILE. No need to describe him more, ’cause I know, right now, if you’re reading this well, God bless you.

Ok so he’s already 20 years old (born January 12,1993), he has 3 sisters, Doniya, Waliyha, and Safaa (these are arranged in order), and uhm I know that you’ll be getting a heartache if you’ll continue reading this. HIS GIRLFRIEND IS PERRIE EDWARDS, 1/4 OF LITTLE MIX.

Actually, do I need to type his biography? Well, I think not.


Those emerald green eyes that can melt girls’ ovaries (haha), those dimples that can make ones’ heartbeat faster than normal, and those smile that every girl who can see it, well, I think they’ll gonna hyperventilate (over). I think my fangirling mode is on since I’m describing HARRY FREAKING STYLES in a fangirling way. Oh my gosh.

Well, again, he is Harry (freaking) Styles, the youngest member of One Direction. He’s 19 years old (born February 1, 1994) and SINGLE. Yeah. Again, he is SINGLE everyone, but not as SINGLE like “no girlfriend since birth” since he had already past relationships, which is also he’d already dating celebs and models during past. Quite tough eh?

So… His mother is Anne Twist (since his mommy is already married to Robin Twist last June 2013) and he has an older sister, who is Gemma. Harry is also called as “the flirt one” of the group, and he is also a former member of White Eskimo (before he auditioned to The X-Factor). 


For me, he’s such a baby snowflake (since his skin tone is almost white as a snowflake), a cute leprechaun, and an Irish heartthrob. He is Niall Horan, 1/5 (he is also the guitarist and… a dancer. Hahaha) of One Direction. Nialler has tantalizing blue eyes, attractive blonde locks, and his cutie teeth (since his braces were took off last April 2013). He can play guitar, and most of all HE LOVES FOOD, ESPECIALLY NANDOS. Well I think Niall can speak out “food” thousand times a day (i’m too exaggerating hah), and so, we have the same habits! (just sharing)

Nialler, on the other hand, also laughs loudly. Like BWAHAHAHAHAHA (depending on the joke or prank). Literally, he was also called as “The Youngest One” in One Direction, because of his his habits and the way he acts like. Well, basically, even though Harry Styles is the youngest one, but because of his habit as a “FLIRT” one, he was assumed by others as the oldest member of 1D.


He hates spoons. He’s the mature one in 1D. And he’s my daddy (joke hehe). Liam Payne from One Direction guys.

He’s 19 (turning 20 this coming August 29) years old, and taken from Danielle Peazer, a dancer. But don’t you worry guys, Liam still loves us (Directioners ;D)

Born in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, Liam, before he auditioned to The X-Factor, was bullied by his classmates in school and we already know that being bullied by others makes you feel unimportant, pathetic, coward, or just like that. That’s why I’m so proud that my Daddy (Liam hahaha) had already reached his dreams because he never gives up. But even though he’s already a famous young man, he still didn’t change his attitude, nor his principles.

Well, If you want more facts about Liam, well here it is 🙂

  • Liam is a loyal and faithful boyfriend.
  • On a date he would wear jeans and a T-shirt.
  • His perfect girl would have to be cheeky but quiet and a bit shy as well. He likes happy, smiley girls. He also likes mousy brown haired girls.
  • Apparently, he has been grabbed on his crotch a couple of times.
  • If he sees you cry, he will probably go out with you.
  • He owns a pain of pink hair straighteners.
  • He’s the daddy of the group.



The SASS masta (master) from Doncaster, *drum rolls* Louis Tomlinson!

Louis (pronounced as LEWIS), is already 21 years old. BUT! His mental age is… for 2-3 years old. One word to describe him, IMMATURE. Well, he’s not purely IMMATURE, yet he’s so sweet and caring to his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, a model. He has 4 sisters (yes, all GIRLS), named Charlotte, Felicite, and two twins, whose names are Daisy and Phoebe.

He’s like a clown, because he’s the one who cracks up jokes, and who loves to face dance. But to tell you honestly, of all the voices that they’ve released every lyric that they sang, Louis’ voice is the most harmonic, relaxing and clearest voice that I ever heard in my life. It doesn’t mean that I’m comparing him to the other lads, but, his voice, I really like it.

Facts about the SASS MASTA everyone!

  • He’s a bit of a joker.
  • He’s a very loyal boyfriend.
  • On a date, he would wear his purple chinos and a polo or T-Shirt and a cardigan.
  • His perfect girl is someone who is loyal and has a sense of humour, and is kind-hearted too. They also have to be tidy. His girlfriend would also have to eat carrots.
  • The rest of the band are banned from dating his sisters.
  • Being his girlfriend is hard work.
  • Feel free to grope his biceps.
  • He reckons Harry Styles looks like Susan Boyle.
  • He once moonied at his head teacher.


Since I already introduced them to you readers, I hope that you guys (especially to those people who still didn’t know about 1D ), had   a knowledge about them, how they look like, their likes nor dislikes, their family, and those simple facts about ’em.

[P.S. if you want to know more about Zayn, Harry, and Niall facts, just read it here:,,]