My FaaaaaatheerrrrrrrRRRRRRR

Our Father is the best existing man in our life. He is a responsible father that he can provide all of our needs. I know that some of my classmates, friends, schoolmates, and other person that I know have no father maybe because their father died or maybe their father has another woman living with. And because of this I think I am lucky because my father is very loyal to us that he is stich to us whatever may temptation come to him. He never rejected the day of the father’s day I don’t a good experience that happened but the best moment is that when my father and I go to the kitchen  we cook some delicious food to eat. After cooking all of our family member eat our dinner and I think what happened in that night is just the same with night that is a normal or all happened is just like a normal day. After eating some of our family member give a gift to my beloved father and because of that, my face became shy but light bulb comes in my mind.. even if I have no gift to give my presence is the best and precious gift that he receive and I gave to him… 


That is mu father whatever may happen I always love him until my last breathe I will pay all of his sacrifices if I will become successful someday I will promise to him that I will prioritized my study and disregard all bad doings that can affect my studies.. Thank you father you are the best father that I have HIHIHIHIHIHIHi


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